We accurately extract the most important parts out of a mountain of data. We use modern data science techniques on this data to extract important information. We then transform this information into direct benefits for your company via targeted data collection and precise data analysis, e.g.:

  • Using machine learning for transparency and better decision making
  • Targeted marketing through more accurate customer data
  • Control of processes and product quality in real time
  • Clear strategy based on accurate forecasts
  • Production safety thanks to predictive maintenance

Benefits of data science and big data

What are the valuable data of your company? We have the expertise and the tools to identify and analyze this data. This provides you full transparency – a key prerequisite for entrepreneurial decisions.

We use data science to evaluate your data along the entire value chain by using our competencies in understanding processes, data modeling and algorithmic analysis.

Our aim is to translate your needs and business requirements optimally into technical solutions. This is crucial for the project success and, therefore, we at first want to precisely understand you. A combination of business understanding and profound technical know-how – which is the hallmark of all our employees – is indispensable.

Our following use cases highlight how evaluation of large data sets can help you:

Evaluation of Facebook data (PDF download)
Fraud Management (PDF download)
Data Driven Development (PDF download)

Big Data does not always have to mean “Big Complication”. We start with manageable, delimited data areas. Using this data, we gradually and collectively develop a functioning and comprehensive system.

SMEs tend to be somewhat different from big companies: they need to be faster, more agile and they need to find niches in the market. At the same time, they should always be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to new environments.

We design Data Science and Big Data Solutions specifically for SMEs. We always focus on a modular design with low start-up costs. This allows the analytic solution to grow with the company.

In addition, we start in such a way that a measurable benefit is quickly available. Agility and data security are the key features of all our solutions.

Examples of successful Big Data systems can be found in our use cases:

Information on Demand (PDF download)
Customer Loyalty (PDF download)


Time is money – so don’t bury it in IT and software installations: benefit from our pre-installed work environment. Another major advantage: you do not have any investment costs.

We deliver simple Big Data solutions – either in our Swiss private cloud or on your own infrastructure. Both structured and unstructured data can be embedded by storing in simple Object Storage. This allows real-time streaming and advanced In-Memory technology from Apache Spark. We can also connect other NoSQL databases.

With our integrated tools for data transformation, visualization and modeling, we deliver fast and agile implementations.

We do not sideline security: It is the most important component of respective security levels.

For more information on Software-as-a-Service, please refer to our Use Cases:
Logistics Optimization (PDF download)