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LeanBI transforms data into measurable benefits:

Together with you we develop fast, simple and flexible BI, Data Science and Industry 4.0 solutions. This is how your business becomes digital. We accompany you from evaluation to productive operation.

Our team consists of data specialists, computer scientists and engineers. We have comprehensive business management and technical expertise.

We offer pre-installed IT and data science infrastructures, so that you do not experience long waiting times with us. Instead, you will receive results quickly and easily. The operational costs are low and predictable.

With our professional BI and Data Science methods we digitalize your processes and create your Artificial Intelligence application and your Digital Twin.

About LeanBI


Industrie 2025 is a Swiss platform for information, sensibilzation, networking and Support of Swiss Enterprises in the area of Industry 4.0.


There are no open positions at the moment. Exciting Data Science and Business Intelligence applications are nevertheless very welcome.

Amberg AG

Defect detection in tunnels with Deep Learning.