LeanBI has specialized knowledge, many years of experience and comprehensive business Know-How in the area of Business Intelligence. Our competencies enable us to gain in-depth understanding of your business processes.

With use our Business Intelligence expertise we reduce your costs and optimize your processes. And we make them even safer and more profitable.

Thanks to professional tools and a pre-installed work environment (SaaS), you can profit quickly from early results. Our solutions are simple and cost-effective.

Especially designed for SMEs: Integrated solutions for BI and business planning

We combine Business Intelligence with your business plan. What can be more valuable to your SME than having a clear KPI-based overview of the “now” and the future?

Business Intelligence (BI) means collection, analysis and visualization of all relevant enterprise data. The data is pulled together from multiple sources and transformed into finance-, production- and warehousing- up to employee- and customer-figures.

Trends and movements can be clearly identified and analyzed in dashboards and reports. They quickly display how well the processes are working and whether the strategic and operational goals are being achieved.

The business value of BI is absolutely evident: BI is an important management tool and a key success factor, when it comes to leading a business through key Performance indicators (KPI). This holds both for SMEs and big enterprises..

Read more in our use cases:

Allocation solution for portfolio manager (PDF download)
Financial reporting for hotel chain (PDF download)

Your own BI and planning platform is hosted in Switzerland and is directly integrated into your network infrastructure.

Thanks to our pre-installed BI- and planning infrastructure, your individual BI solution is available at a click without burning a hole in your pocket. You can start small and scale it up later. Our simple, monthly billing model is transparent and can be customized any time.

You benefit from planning, analysis and reporting in your Company as a Self Service. You can continue to use your Excel files, however, with central data management and defined access rights.

You comment on your data and implement the planning process based on a process workflow. All of this happens seamlessly via web, on mobile devices or in MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel. And it works across all business departments.

You can find out more about it in the two use cases:

Software as a Service for Asset Managers (PDF download)
Software as a service for Digital Enterprise Group (PDF download)

Benefit from our experience with driver-based planning by using our special planning tools.

Medium-term planning is not always free of hassle and this is, where the methods of driver-based planning particularly will suit you.

This type of planning considers all external and internal factors, which influence medium term key figures. Instead of focusing on just the financial figures. This is how we facilitate an interaction between strategic and operational business planning and management.

We have successfully implemented driver-based planning at well-known customers. We would be happy to assist also you in such a project.

Our Use Case:

Driver-based planning with Jedox (PDF download)