Deep Learning for damage detection in tunnels

Last year, LeanBI successfully implemented a Deep Learning project for the engineering company Amberg AG, in which the efficiency of tunnel maintenance was increased


Modelling of causes and effects

Prescriptive Analytics is a further step in applied data analysis. It is also an important basis for improving the results of predictive analytics. In


Flashback of 11 LeanBI Presentations at outstanding Conferences Year 2019

The past year, after many successful projects at LeanBI, applying Artificial Intelligence in industrial environments, we shared our knowledge at various conferences and events.


Why anomaly detection for predictive maintenance and where are the limits?

On 19.11.2019 we presented our project experience with the Predictive Maintenance Expert Group of the Swiss Alliance for Data Intensive Services. We would like


What AI can really do today

“People underestimate the capability of AI. They think it is a smart human. It will be much more than that.“ Elan Musk, 29.8.2019 In


What worries maintenance managers. Fmpro Round Table of maintenance managers - Digital Retrofit

On June 26th 2019, LeanBI, in cooperation with the company OST, was invited to present at the fmpro Round Table on the topic of


LeanBI is going to ICLR 2019 (6-9 May, New Orleans)

Artificial Intelligence is arguably one of the fastest growing fields of technology in the last 10 years. While machine learning is often used as


IoT and Predictive Analytics: Fog and Edge Computing for Industries versus Cloud (19.1.2018)

Image: ESG Research 2016 Why it doesnt always have to be the Cloud? Our industrial customers repeatedly doubt whether Cloud is really the right