Flashback of 11 LeanBI Presentations at outstanding Conferences Year 2019

The past year, after many successful projects at LeanBI, applying Artificial Intelligence in industrial environments, we shared our knowledge at various conferences and events. Here is a short conference Flashback of the past year 2019.

We launched our LeanPredict product at the Industry 4.0 R&D Conference in January 2019. LeanPredict is a modular end-to-end Predictive Maintenance (PdM) framework, which features a range of sensors that is unique in the Predictive Maintenance environment. With LeanPredict as a basis we can now implement more efficiently many Predictive Maintenance Use Cases. LeanPredict can be used especially for the retrofit of various production plants.

Our many years of experience in Predictive Maintenance projects is consolidated in our unique approach of solving such problems. We were invited to talk about our conceptual approach for the first time at the Smart Maintenance Conference in February 2019 in Zurich.

At the Industry Forum 2025 in May 2019, we had the pleasure of presenting our successful Predictive Maintenance solution at the Swiss Post distribution centre together with Post CH AG. We were happy to get very positive feedback after the presentation.

Our next conference was in May 2019 in New Orleans, USA. The International Conference of Learning Representations (ICLR, pronounced [eye-clear]) is the largest deep learning conference in the world, with over 4000 participants this year. We were there to present our work on Large Scale Graph Learning, and to speak about the latest trends of Deep Learning, one of our favourite models in our recent projects.

At the Swiss Conference on Data Science SDS 2019 in June 2019, we reported on our success story on Deep Learning Image Recognition for automating maintenance work in tunnels. With this project for Amberg Engineering AG we have massively expanded our experience in object recognition from image. In this case images were taken from the interior of tunnels, but similar solutions can be developed for many other applications of Image Recognition.

One after the other it went on: The digital retrofit of Condition Monitoring on existing plants has arrived in the industry. We demonstrated this with many examples of different plant types at the FMPRO Maintenance Manager Roundtable in June 2019. The digital retrofit can be implemented in some cases without great project effort, but often we are still far from pure plug & play, and project work is still needed until such solutions go live. With LeanPredict, however, we can reduce such efforts considerably.

At the 13th International Mechatronic Forum in September 2019, the focus was on “Smart Data”, i.e. how to not only generate information from data but also support decisions. Here too, LeanBI is making a major contribution with its BI and data science solutions.

Then a future-oriented topic at the Smart Service Summit in Zurich: How to build future central Smart Services platforms in the field of Predictive Maintenance? There is a need for action to make AI more intelligent by automatically incorporating the know-how of maintenance experts into the models. This is a continuous “Active Learning” process. Automated decision bases are accepted when risks become transparent for decision making. This was the theme of our “Challenges of Plug & Play Predictive Maintenance” at the Smart Service Summit on September 13, 2019, where we presented our conceptual considerations on new, AI-based expert systems to research and industry experts.

LeanBI is an active member of «Expert Group Smart Data» of the Industry 2025, which aims to provide specific successfully implemented use cases for SMEs in order to lower the entry threshold for SMEs. For this purpose we have set up the website www.smartdata2025.ch, which is constantly being expanded. Our group demonstrated its field of action with a poster at the partner event Industry 2025 in October 2019.

Then the Finance and Economy Forum in October 2019 in Rüschlikon: “We were very proud to be invited to this industry forum for the upper Management: The presentations on the limits of AI and IoT in the smart factory on the topic of Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 were intended to put the hype surrounding AI into perspective. IoT and AI still have many limitations that need to be considered. “Success means knowing your limits and embracing them”.

Finally, in November 2019, the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services, Smart Maintenance Expert Group, provided industry specialists with insights into our data science solutions. This was also a very successful event with lots of positive feedback.

For us Summa Summarum is a year of successful projects and personal networking! It was very nice to meet many new and exciting people. We learned a lot at the conferences ourselves. And we’re already moving on, this time to the Smart Maintenance Conference 2020, on 12 February at Messe Zürich.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2020!