LeanBI is going to ICLR 2019 (6-9 May, New Orleans)

Artificial Intelligence is arguably one of the fastest growing fields of technology in the last 10 years. While machine learning is often used as a black box in data science, this approach is limiting the range of problems the data scientist can solve. In our experience, at least half of the projects need more than that: we have to either customize known machine learning techniques, or devise completely custom solutions based on the math of machine learning. Therefore, for successful data science projects in the industry a very good overview of the latest advances of machine learning tools is needed.

LeanBI is happy to participate this year in the most important Deep Learning conference in the world, the International Conference on Representation Learning (ICLR).

ICLR is a relatively new conference, as is the field of deep learning. It is only running for the 7th year, but it has gained a place among the most important machine learning conferences in the world. This year, there will be more than 4000 participants gathering in New Orleans from 6 to 9 May.

One thing that is great about ICLR (besides being THE deep learning conference), is that it combines academic and industrial research. This is something very needed in the ML community, as we often see the best professors leaving the academia for the industry to join research labs of Google, Facebook and other machine-learning-fuelled companies.

While the occasion for us is to present some of the academic work from the PhD of the our colleague Vassilis Kalofolias (Large Scale Graph Learning), we will have the opportunity to see and discuss the latest ways of tackling machine learning problems from top universities and ML-based companies of the world.

In a later post we will summarize some of the highlights of the conference. Until then, more information and the program of ICLR 2019 are to be found here: https://iclr.cc/