Discover the Power of Your Data

We do not want our blog visitors to miss our half day free onsite workshop, an offer which has been quite well appreciated in our email campaign. You may be interested in the contents of this campaign for one or more of the following reasons:

Discover your data

Do you want to …

  • Optimize your logistics?
  • Improve the quality of your products?
  • Reduce the cost of product development and production?
  • Offer more value added services with your products?

We optimize your products and processes and trace unknown interrelations.

You give us your mountain of data and we will show you new ways to improve your logistics, development, products and processes and create default prediction performance systems. Our approach will augment your production efficiency while simultaneously reducing your maintenance costs. Our Data Scientists analyze your data with specialized algorithms based on In Memory Big Data technologies – not at large programming costs but instead with lots of visualizations that you understand and that open up completely new additional possibilities for you. Why not discover the power of your data through a demo by us and begin using the power of your data.

Book our half day free workshop at your place

Please feel free to contact us (without obligation) by phone at +41 79 247 99 59 or email at info@leanbi.ch.